FIFA scandal can pull Nike down

Nike is cooperating with the investigation into the FIFA scandal. The sportswear firm denies any involvement, but have acknowledged they did have dealings with company under investigation.

FIFA scandal can pull Nike down

World Bulletin / News Desk

 Sportswear maker Nike said in a statement Friday that the company was “cooperating” with the investigation into bribery and corruption at FIFA, the world football organization.

Nike denied, however, any involvement in the alleged illegal activities. 

“The charging documents unsealed yesterday in Brooklyn do not allege that Nike engaged in criminal conduct. There is no allegation in the charging documents that any Nike employee was aware of or knowingly participated in any bribery or kickback scheme,” the statement said.

Nike said it “believes in ethical and fair play in both business and sports and strongly opposes any form of manipulation or bribery. We have been cooperating and will continue to cooperate with the authorities.”

The U.S. attorney general raised an indictment on Wednesday for bribery and corruption at FIFA. Seven FIFA executives were arrested in Switzerland and are awaiting extradition. In total, nine FIFA executives and five businessmen have been charged.

The indictment cites a sportswear company labeled “A” that in 1996 signed a 10-year $160 million contract to co-sponsor the Brazilian national football federation, CBF, which is accused of bribery in the indictment.

Nike had signed a sponsorship deal with CBF in 1996, the same year the events described in the indictment allegedly took place.

An intermediary firm called Traffic, belonging to Brazilian businessman Jose Hawilla, publicized a deal in 1996 with Nike. Hawilla's firm is named in the indictment. 

The U.S. attorney general's office would not comment on which business is referred to as “A” in the indictment.  

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