Former child Gitmo detainee going blind

Ex-Guantanamo detainee Omar Khadr is losing his eyesight and is no longer able to read or see clearly, according to lawyer and educators and will need specialist care.

Former child Gitmo detainee going blind

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According to a report by Intercept, the lawyer for Omar Khadr who was blinded in the left eye after an attack in Afghanistan, where he was captured,  is now losing his eyesight in his remaining eye and can no longer be able to read or see clearly.

Khadr was told by a doctor that he has a cataract due to a “foreign object,” which appears to be most like a piece of shrapnel from the firefight, she said.

“Initially he was having trouble reading because there was a light flashing and he could not focus,” Zinck said Wednesday, as she prepared to visit Khadr. “Now he can’t see through that cloudiness to be able to do any more than look at small pieces of text for a short period of time.”

News of Khadr’s failing eyesight comes on the eve of a Thursday decision by the Supreme Court of Canada on whether it will consider his case.  The Canadian government asked the high court to review an Alberta Court of Appeals decision that condemned Ottawa for not treating Khadr as a youth once he was transferred to Canada from Guantanamo.

Following his capture in 2002, Khadr was held for several months at Bagram Airbase before being transferred to Guantanamo. At both sites he was subjected to torture, including sexual humiliation, shackling in stress positions, and sleep deprivation, according to his lawyer.

In one 2003 incident, he is alleged to have been dragged through a mixture of pine oil and urine by his interrogators and denied a change of clothing for two days thereafter.

In 2010, Khadr entered into a plea bargain with the Guantanamo military commission, admitting to throwing a grenade which killed a U.S. Army combat medic during the deadly raid that led to Khadr’s capture. He was sentenced to eight years in prison, not including time served, and was allowed to complete his sentence in a Canadian prison.



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