Haiti storm victims, in makeshift camps, bemoan aid chaos

In one such camp on the side of the road, Dominique Pierre-Louis is trying to start a motorcycle covered in mud.

Haiti storm victims, in makeshift camps, bemoan aid chaos

World Bulletin / News Desk

Rickety structures made of sheet metal and scrap wood are clustered along the road to the Haitian city of Jeremie, which still hasn't seen any aid nearly three weeks after Hurricane Matthew.

In a scene that is eerily similar to the devastation in Port-au-Prince after the 2010 earthquake, when hundreds of thousands of survivors had to cram into every available space, families are living in makeshift camps.

"I fixed it so I can try to earn a little money by driving a motorcycle taxi," said the 42-year-old, who normally works as a bricklayer. 

"I just want a job, I don't need any charity. I'm a professional, I can help myself."

Before the hurricane swept over Haiti, leaving hundreds dead, Pierre-Louis and his family lived outside Jeremie. But after days of not receiving any aid, he moved his wife and eight children to this muddy roadside camp.

In the past two weeks, convoys carrying humanitarian relief have driven by, but none has stopped.

The family is now living in a small space made of sheet metal and tarps. Pierre-Louis's wife Dieula, who has asthma and has been ill, rests on wooden planks covered by a sheet while their children scramble naked in the mud.

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