Homeless people at peak in New York

The number of homeless people reached 50,000 in the last 11 years in New York

Homeless people at peak in New York

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The number of homeless people increased 61 percent to over 50,000 in the last eleven years in New York, the symbol of wealth and economic power of the US.      

People of African and Latin American origins make up half of the 750,000 homeless of US, living in rambling houses, on streets, under bridges and at train stations.      

The number of homeless have reached their peak since the 1930s. 50,100 homeless live on the streets of New York where families make up 12,000 and children make up 21,000 of them, according to the statistics of the US National Coalition for the Homeless.      

Analysis on the website of the Federal election commission of the US indicates that the reason of the rise in the number of homeless people is the high cost of housing and difficulty in paying the rent. Other reasons include eviction, crowded houses and domestic violence.      

While four out of five homeless are men, it is commonly observed that these people suffer psychological disorders.

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