Iran nuclear talks drama 'possible'

State Dept. spokesman says that a deal with Iran is possible, it could be had quickly or they could reach no deal

Iran nuclear talks drama 'possible'

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Talks with Iran over its nuclear program could be prolonged beyond a nearly concluded seven-day extension, the State Department said Monday.

“Is it possible? Sure, but I can't tell you it's a certainty,” spokesman John Kirby told reporters. “A deal could be had quickly or a deal could be had in a few days, or we could reach no deal.”

The U.S. and its negotiating partners agreed with Iran last week to extend talks beyond an end of June deadline, setting in motion a flurry of last-minute diplomacy ahead of a Tuesday expiration.

“The teams are working real hard right now, today, as you and I stand here. They're working on this. And their focus is on trying to complete that work satisfactorily, not on whether there will necessarily be another extension,” said Kirby.

The P5+1 group, which includes the U.S., UK, France, China and Russia, plus Germany, have been seeking an unprecedented inspections regime on Tehran’s nuclear program in exchange for sanctions relief.

Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif said Sunday in Vienna that efforts are being made to resolve outstanding issues between Iran and world powers.

"We are making efforts to resolve some remaining differences," Zarif was quoted as saying by Iran's Tasnin News Agency, adding that "the outcome is still unknown".

State Secretary John Kerry also told reporters Sunday that the U.S. would walk away from nuclear talks if differences remain.

"If we don’t have a deal, if there’s absolute intransigence, if there’s an unwillingness to move on to the things that are important, President [Barack] Obama has always said we’ll be prepared to walk away,” he said.

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