John McCain criticizes US Mid-East policy

US Republican Senator John McCain: "We lost influence, we lost power. We are seen as helpless."

John McCain criticizes US Mid-East policy

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US Republican Senator John McCain reportedly told the Al-Hurra TV channel that the image of the U.S. in the world today was the worst he had ever seen, claiming that  U.S. policy towards Egypt was "non-existent" and that U.S. influence in the Middle-East had "never been so weak."

"America does not have any foreign policy towards Egypt, absolutely no policy, no strategy, only withdrawals from all files. But if the US withdraws, the results will be bad in the Middle East and in the whole world," he said.

He criticized U.S. State Secretary John Kerry, who is a member of the board of directors for Al-Hurra TV, stating his disappointment in his performance regarding Syria, Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan and the Israeli-Palestinian peace process.

Conceding defeat, McCain added, "We lost influence, we lost power. We are seen as helpless."

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A. Khan
A. Khan - 6 yıl Before

That may be Sen McCain's own reading about the current situation in the Middle East. In fact US has not given in any ground. It is still very much there but in a slightly different fashion than before. US is closely inter acting with all the players in Middle East as a senior member of the global community and not as a policemean of the world.

tomj - 5 yıl Before

If we're not bombing, invasion, and killing people in an all out war, John McCain is criticizing the policy. McCain is a old sick, dangerous, warmongering madman. The country was correct in rejecting this old fool for the presidency twice. Millions upon millions of people are alive today because this sick old senile war nut lost

azwi - 5 yıl Before

McCain is anything but a military or foreign affairs expert. All John McCain wants are wars!