Malcolm X's grandson killed in Mexico

Malcolm X's grandson who shared his name, Malik Shabazz, was killed in Mexico in an attack which is thought to have been related to extortion.

Malcolm X's grandson killed in Mexico

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Malcolm X’s human rights activist grandson, Malik Shabazz, was killed in Mexico. It is claimed that Malik Shabazz was a victim of an extortion attempt and was injured in a struggle which led to his death, and was then allegedly thrown off the roof.

While detailed information of the death of 27-year-old Malik Shabazz was not given, a family friend reportedly confirmed the incident to New York Amsterdam News.

On his Twitter account, Shabazz identifies himself as “Grandson, name-sake and first male heir of the greatest revolutionary leader of the 20th century.”

When Shabazz was 12 years old he started a fire in his family’s New York home, which led to the death of Malcolm X's wife Betty Shabazz a few weeks later. Found guilty of the incident, Malik Shabazz spent eight months in a reformatory.

Last year Shabazz was questioned by the FBI while going to a conference in Iran about the Hollywood and the entertainment industry. 

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