Mexico slams Security Council at UN General Assembly

Security Council has been unable to fulfill mandate of UN Charter as it was unable to prevent war in Ukraine, says foreign minister.

Mexico slams Security Council at UN General Assembly

Mexican Foreign Minister Marcelo Ebrard strongly criticized the UN Security Council on Thursday for its inadequate handling of Russia’s war on Ukraine, proposing a peace caucus.

Speaking at the 77th UN General Assembly, Ebrard dwelled on the “severe effects on the global order” from the war.

Noting that international peace and security, the economy, essential product supply and food security have radically worsened since the start of the war on Feb. 24, he said the UN Security Council’s efforts have been ineffective at stopping aggression.

“The Security Council has been unable to fulfill the mandate that the UN Charter gives it because it was unable to prevent the war. It wasn’t able to implement measures that would halt armed aggression either. It has been unable to launch any kind of diplomatic process to seek a solution via dialogue or negotiations,” he added.

According to Ebrard, the Security Council has also failed to secure humanitarian assistance and access to markets for grain and fertilizer produced by Russia and Ukraine.

In that context, he said, the Mexican government has pushed for a different peace effort within the framework of the UN Charter.

Mexico, as a responsible country that is committed to the promotion of peaceful solutions for conflicts, attends this assembly with a proposal of dialogue and peace for Ukraine,” he said.

Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador has often stated the need for a commission in which third parties would mediate the conflict between the warring neighbors.

Lopez Obrador has said the commission should be led by UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Pope Francis.

“The president of Mexico, aware of the responsibility of each one of us, has proposed a caucus of heads of state and government that would help and support efforts by the secretary-general to promote measures that would further progress trust-building measures between the Russian Federation and Ukraine,” Ebrard added.