New York City, New Jersey declare emergency amid heavy flood, storm

At least 8 people have reportedly died due to storms related to Hurricane Ida.

New York City, New Jersey declare emergency amid heavy flood, storm

The New York City (NYC) mayor declared a state of emergency late Wednesday after Hurricane Ida caused a heavy flood in the region where seven people have reportedly died so far.

"We’re enduring a historic weather event tonight with record breaking rain across the city, brutal flooding and dangerous conditions on our roads," Bill de Blasio said on Twitter.

Also, a travel ban was placed until 5 a.m. (1000GMT) for non-emergency vehicles, according to NYC's official emergency notification system.

"Please stay off the streets tonight and let our first responders and emergency services get their work done," De Blasio said in a separate tweet. "If you’re thinking of going outside, don’t. Stay off the subways. Stay off the roads. Don’t drive into these heavy waters. Stay inside."

He added that there are 5,300 customers without power and his administration is keeping eyes on the power grid.

Meanwhile, one person died Wednesday in Passaic, New Jersey due to hurricane-related storms, Mayor Hector Carlos Lora said. New Jersey also declared an emergency as a measure against the consequences of the hurricane.

More than 991,000 electricity customers remain without power in Louisiana state of 4.6 million people on Wednesday, three days after Hurricane Ida tore through the Gulf coast state.