New York Times targets Turkish voters in the EU...

As Europe and countries around the world wait anxiously for the referendum in Turkey, The New York Times, in a new development has turned its attention to Turkish voters in Europe

New York Times targets Turkish voters in the EU...

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With Turkey holding a referendum on constitutional changes on April 16,  Turkish citizens across Europe have begun to cast their vote prior to the referendum date. The New York Times has featured a comment section, which may possibly used in future articles, to hear from those who are voting in Europe.

Written partly in Turkish, it asks Turkish voters in Europe to put forward their comments and thoughts regarding the referendum and noted  he importance of those who live outside the country in playing an important role in the election. 

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has been framed by the world media  in a variety of ways with the President himself  in 2015 blasting the paper telling them to "know their place" after it had criticized Turkey for cracking down on reporters. In its editorial, the Times had accused Erdogan and his colleagues of hindering free speech in the Turkish media.

As for the comment based "survey", the paper itself is known to manipulate news for its own agenda. With nearly 2.9 million Turkish expatriates in the Netherlands alone, Turkish voters across the continent that will vote on proposed constitutional changes play a signifcant role in the upcoming referendum.

Source: New York Times

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