Not stopping with pins, many NewYorkers upset with the elections results have found an alternative method to deal with the unbelievable Trump victory by sharing messages of support on sticky notes that now fill walls of a Manhattan subway station.

Enter 28-year-old Brooklyn artist Matthew Chavez, known as Levee. He set up a table in a long tunnel of the Union Square station where he hands out the blank pastel notes on which straphangers scribble.

He calls this "Subway Therapy." It's free.

More than 1,500 people have shared their grief and anxiety since Wednesday, posting thoughts on the white subway tiles, according to Subway Therapy's Instagram.

One reads, "You will not divide us. Love is everything." Another says, "It doesn't end today."

One says "If they go low, we go high," echoing first lady Michelle Obama.

The uplifting art installation counterbalances what Clinton supporters say is Trump's racism, bigotry and ignorance.

Another sticky note offers soothing words, saying, "Everything will be alright." But a few feet over, another person wasn't so sure: "What do we do now?"

There was an answer amid the sea of impromptu messages.

"We've been through worse (meaning 9/11) and the city will unite," the light pink sticky note said. "We will get through this together because love trumps hate."

source: AFP/