Obama hosts iftar dinner at White House

Obama opened the White House to Muslim Americans for a traditional iftar dinner, which follows daily fasting from dawn to sunset.

Obama hosts iftar dinner at White House

World Bulletin / News Desk 

President Barack Obama hosted a group of 150 guests for an iftar dinner at the White House on Monday night.

“The Koran teaches us that God's children tread gently on the earth,” Obama said during brief remarks. “We affirm that whatever our faith, we are one family."

The iftar is the meal during which Muslims break their daily fast at sunset during Ramadan.

Obama said that the holy month is a time that requires “sacrifice, disciple, patience.”

Among the guests at Monday’s dinner were Samantha Elauf, who sat at Obama’s table after recently winning a Supreme Court case against fashion retailer Abercrombie & Fitch who declined to hire her after she wore a hijab to a job interview in 2008 even though she scored high marks during the interview process, and Munira Khalif who is a recipient of the UN’s Youth Courage Award.

“Together we can overcome ignorance and prejudice,” he added.

Obama also touched on the recent mass murders in Charleston, South Carolina, saying, “We insist that no one should be targeted for who they are ... how they worship."

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