Obama: Iran sanctions could be reimposed if deal broken

He said a reimposition of sanctions would be triggered by a finding of the International Atomic Energy Agencythat Tehran had broken the agreement.

Obama: Iran sanctions could be reimposed if deal broken

World Bulletin / News Desk

U.S. President Barack Obama said in an interview released on Tuesday he is confident sanctions against Iran could be reimposed if Tehran violates an agreement to restrict its nuclear program.

Obama told National Public Radio (NPR) that U.S. and European negotiators are trying to reach a deal with Iran in which sanctions could be reimposed without a U.N. Security Council vote, where Tehran-ally Russia would have a veto.

"We are absolutely convinced we can do it again," Obama said of the international sanctions, which have crippled Iran's economy.

After reaching a framework deal last week, negotiators face an end-of-June deadline to reach a final agreement meant to prevent Iran from being able to build a nuclear weapon.

Obama said a nuclear deal could help strengthen moderate elements in Iran.

"If they are shown to have delivered for their people, presumably it strengthens their hand vis-a-vis some of the hardliners inside of Iran," he said.

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