Obama to reveal new foreign policy

The U.S. president Barack Obama will release a document outlining a new phase of American foreign policy.

Obama to reveal new foreign policy

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President Obama is set to reveal a new U.S. foreign policy document as an update to his previous one issued in May 2010, the White House said Friday.

It is expected to outline a strategy in the fight against Al-Qaeda, a policy in the Asia-Pacific and address cuts in the defense budget.

Obama’s foreign policy has been in question lately, especially regarding his predator drones program in Afghanistan and Pakistan.

He has also been criticized for having ‘no policy’ on Egypt and has been condemned by the pro-Israeli lobby for entering into negotiations with Iran.

His reluctance followed by his withdrawal from plans to strike targets belonging to Bashar al-Assad’s regime forces in a ‘no boots on the ground’ offensive also weakened the U.S. image in the Middle-East.

Moreover, the National Security Agency’s spy program, which was revealed by American defector Edward Snowden, has strained U.S. ties with its allies.

Although a law drafted in 1986 demands that U.S. presidents present an updated foreign policy to Congress every year, most presidents have been inconsistent in doing so.

Obama’s last strategy announced the withdrawal of U.S. troops from Iraq and acknowledged that the U.S. military can be ‘overstretched’ if the U.S. fails to ‘invest in or deploy complementary tools, or act without partners.’


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