Pakistani family complain about drones to US congress

A Pakistani family has complained of their experience of US predator drones to the Congress in Washington, as Congress member Alan Grayson moves to cease the drone project.

Pakistani family complain about drones to US congress

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A Pakistan family has given details of US drone strikes in the village, which led to the death of a 67-year-old woman. The woman, who was the local midwife of the village, was with her two grandchildren when the attack happened. Both children were also injured in the strike last year.

Rafiq-ur-Rehman, the son of the deceased woman and the father of the two wounded children, told the congressional hearing room that he still did not know why his family was targeted in the attack.

He told the congress: “Some media outlets reported that the attack was on a car, but there is no road alongside my mother’s house. Others reported that the attack was on a house. But the missiles hit a nearby field, not a house. All of them reported that three, four, five militants were killed. But the only person killed was Mammana Bibi, a grandmother and midwife. Not a militant, but my mother.”

Drones have been used by the US to hunt for Taliban fighters along the Afghanistan-Pakistan border since 2004, but their use has been heavily criticized as they have resulted in the death of over 200 innocent children as well as hundreds of civilians.

Congress member Alan Grayson, a staunch critic of the US war in Afghanistan, organized the hearing to highlight the damage caused by drones. “Invading from the skies is no different from invading on the grounds. We should never accept that children and loved ones are acceptable collateral damage,” he said.

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