Quebec separatist leader quits politics

The Canadian media tycoon turned politician said family obligations forced him to resign as head of Parti Québécois less than a year after being elected

Quebec separatist leader quits politics

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Media tycoon Pierre Karl Peladeau announced Monday he is quitting politics, less than one year after taking up the cause of splitting Quebec province from the rest of Canada.

Peladeau told a press conference that he was quitting as head of the Parti Quebecois (PQ) -- the standardbearer of the Quebec separatist movement -- in order to focus on mending family problems.

"I'm faced with choosing between my family and my political project," the 54-year-old said, adding that he chose to resign "for the good of my children."

Three months ago, Peladeau separated with his wife, popular local television host Julie Snyder. They had married in August 2015 after 14 years together.

The couple, who are currently in counseling, have a son aged 10 and a seven-year-old daughter.

Peladeau is heir to the powerful Quebecor Media group, which owns newspapers and broadcasting assets in the province.

The billionaire took Canada by surprise when he announced in April 2014 his support for Quebec independence, with a fist pump at a televised event.

The same month, he was elected to the Quebec legislature as a member of the opposition PQ, and in May 2015, he was elected leader of the PQ.

source: AFP

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