Republicans favored to win US Senate by elections monitor

DecisionDeskHQ website says Republicans have 50.4% chance of taking Senate from Democrats.

Republicans favored to win US Senate by elections monitor

Republicans have, for the first time, been projected on Friday to win control of the US Senate by an elections analysis website.

"Our model currently predicts that Republicans have a 50.4% chance of control, and our mean seat projection is 51 (R) and 49 (D)," the DecisionDeskHQ website wrote on Twitter.

The modeling includes a 3.9% increase in Republicans gaining Senate control over the past day, and a 14.2% jump through the past month.

There continues to be three main battleground states that will prove pivotal for the Senate, including races in Georgia, Nevada and Pennsylvania. Democrats have a greater chance of winning in the two former states, but DecisionDeskHQ says Republican celebrity doctor Mehmet Oz has a 7% greater chance than Lt. Gov. John Fetterman of winning in Pennsylvania.

This year, 35 Senate seats are in play, with the vast majority -- 21 -- being held by Republicans. All 435 seats in the House of Representatives are being contested as well.