Three days out, Trump and Clinton blitz swing states

The populist Republican's rhetoric remains triumphant, but his carpet bombing of eight swing states in a weekend betrayed doubt, while his Democratic rival Hilary Trump was to hit a relatively restrained five.

Three days out, Trump and Clinton blitz swing states

World Bulletin / News Desk

As the world looked on agog three days before the US presidential election Saturday, Donald Trump's campaign was building to a crescendo with a mad scramble to secure a plausible route to the White House.

"We are just three days from the change you have been waiting for your entire life!" Trump declared in Wilmington, North Carolina, where he and his wife Melania fired up thousands of raucous supporters.

He hit his key themes: promises to tear up free trade agreements, expel undocumented migrants, rebuild an allegedly depleted US military and purge Washington of corruption.

And his fans roared back the same three-word chants: "Build the wall," "Drain the swamp," "Lock her up." But will it be enough to, in the words of his ubiquitous slogan, "Make America great again?"

America's allies are fearful that a candidate who has threatened to review US treaty alliances is within striking distance of the White House. And foes like Russia and Iran have not hidden their mirth at the turmoil rocking US democracy.

Global markets fear an inexperienced leader with a protectionist bent and an at best offhand attitude to US debt obligations could plunge the United States or even the world economy back into recession.



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