Turkish suspect in attack on police house shot dead

Interior Minister Guler says two rockets hit the police house building on its facade and back, causing no casualties.

Turkish suspect in attack on police house shot dead

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A rocket attack on Friday caused damage to a police house in the Turkish capital of Ankara, with no casualties, Interior Minister Muammer Guler has said.

Guler said the attack took place around 21:30 local time, with assailants launching two rockets at the facade and rear side of the apartment building in Dikmen neighborhood, in the vicinity of the headquarters of Turkish National Police.

He said a rocket launcher, an unexploded shell, a bag, and the so-called flag of an illegal leftist organization were found at the scene.

The perpetrators of the attack may have fled in a vehicle, he said.

"It's a sad incident, but the absence of casualties is a source of relief," he said, adding that a police investigation was underway.

"Such attacks were also carried out in the past. Some illegal organizations are seeking ways to incite violence through new illegal acts. We continue to work on this issue," Guler said.

Manhunt leaves 1 attacker dead, 1 badly hurt

At least 5,000 armed policemen started a manhunt in the Turkish capital when the assailants were identified by means of security cameras only five minutes after the attack.

Police dogs and helicopters started searching for the terrorists in Dikmen, Keklikpinari and Oran districts as police cordoned off some of the roads and blocked the escape routes from the area.

Muharrem Karatas and Serdar Polat, both members of DHKP-C terrorist organization were cornered up by very determined police force in Keklikpinari’s Akpinar neighborhood. Police responded when terrorists started firing at them after they were asked to surrender and Muharrem Karatas, who had been wanted by authorities for a rocket attack at ruling Justice and Development (AK) Party’s headquarters in Ankara last March, was killed when he was targeted by bullets and Serdar Polat was seriously wounded.

An RPG & rocket launcher and hand grenades were found with the terrorists.

A police statement said following the incident that the terrorists fired their guns at policemen when they were asked to surrender and the wounded terrorist Serdar Polat was taken to a hospital after the shoot-out. It also said three weapons, including an automatic gun and two hand grenades were found with the terrorists.

It also said in the statement that the killed terrorist, Muharrem Karatas, was a DHKP-C member who attacked at AK Party headquarters on March 19, 2013.

DHKP-C is a far-left Marxist terrorist organization that is also responsible of US Embassy suicide bombing that left a Turkish security guard dead and wounded many other people in February 2013.

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