US court says Arabic student cannot sue FBI agents

An Arabic language student had his right to sue FBI agents who held him without reason in 2009 blocked by the US Court of Appeals.

US court says Arabic student cannot sue FBI agents

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Nicholas George, an Arabic language student at Pomona College in California, was arrested by two FBI agents and three TSA agents in August 2009 at Philadelphia International Airport, after he was found to be carrying flashcards and a book which were critical of US policy in the Middle East.

His request to sue to officers has been turned down by a US Court of Appeals, which reversed a previous decision by a district judge who denied the agents claim to immunity under the pretence that they were protecting national security.

Although he claimed that the material was simply for studying purposes, he was apprehended for five hours when the flashcards were found to contain translations for the words “bomb” and “terrorist”. He explained saying that he was preparing himself for a Foreign Service exam months later. He said he was released after FBI agents asked if he was a member of a “pro-Islamic” or “communist” group.

“They asked me why I had those words. I told them honestly because I had been trying to read Arabic news media, especially Al-Jazeera, and these are words that come up when you read the news about the Middle East,” he told CNN.

“I want to serve my country using my Arabic language,” he added, “And it seems crazy to me that for that I was arrested and treated like a criminal.”

To this day, no one has explained how the flashcards caused a security threat and why George was kept locked in a cell for hours after he was searched and found to be unarmed.

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Aaron Goldsmith
Aaron Goldsmith - 5 yıl Before

Any persons who might have empathy for the miss treatment of Arabs by Israel is suspect. Hence any student of Arabic is likely to be informed of the plight of the Palestinians, and hence will react negatively to Israel, their lobby (AIPAC). And since our institutions are controlled by Zionists, we can expect miss treatment.