US president's favorable ratings hit record-low

A new poll found 44 percent of Americans have a favorable view of president Obama on the eve of critical midterm elections.

US president's favorable ratings hit record-low

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A record-low number of Americans hold a favorable view of President Barack Obama and his understanding of their problems, new a new poll showed Monday.

Only 44 percent of respondents see the president favorably compared to 49 percent in January and 60 percent at the start of his second term in December 2012, according to the survey that was produced for ABC News/Washington Post by Langer Research Associates.

Additionally, Obama’s rating for how he understands the problems of average Americans stands at a “career-low” 46 percent, the survey found.

The results surfaced against the backdrop of Tuesday’s midterm elections, in which the president’s party, the Democrats, are in danger of losing control of both houses of Congress.

Analysts say the Democrats will not be able to win the House of Representatives, the lower house, which already comprises a Republican majority.

All eyes will be on the Senate, however, where Democrats hold a majority vote, but Republicans are poised to win control if they pick up six seats currently held by Democrats while holding on to their 14 seats that are contested.

This would give the Republicans more legislative powers to define the shape of U.S. politics for the next two years.

Some Democrats are concerned that Obama’s fading popularity will have a negative effect on their candidates during election campaigns.


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