US to continue chasing al Qaeda in Africa: Obama

The US president says hunting down al Qaeda-linked groups in Africa does not mean going to war there

US to continue chasing al Qaeda in Africa: Obama

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US President Barack Obama defended two raids carried out by US forces in Libya and Somalia last weekend, saying his country would continue clamping down on al-Qaeda-linked groups in Africa posing risks to the United States.

"There is a difference between us going after terrorists who are plotting directly to do damage to the United States and us getting involved in wars," Obama told a press conference on Tuesday.

US Navy Seals captured last Saturday a senior al-Qaeda operative in Libya and carried out in southern Somalia an operation to hunt down an al-Shabab leader, who was not caught.

"Regional groups, some of which are explicitly tied to Al-Qaeda or that ideology, some of which are more localized," Obama said.

He said few of them had the ability to project beyond their borders, but they could do "a lot of damage inside their borders."

"The risks of terrorism and terrorist networks are going to continue for some time to come. We've got to have a long-term plan that is not just military-based. We've got to engage in a war of ideas in the region and engage with Muslim countries and try to isolate radical elements that are doing more damage to Muslims than they are doing to anybody else," he said.

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