US: Wisconsin to recount state's presidential vote

State's results one of 3 being challenged

US: Wisconsin to recount state's presidential vote

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The state of Wisconsin will recount millions of votes from the presidential election earlier this month after the Green Party’s former presidential candidate filed a petition in the nick of time, citing fraud concerns.

The last-day petition is the first of three Jill Stein promised in order to challenge the election results. The other two are in Pennsylvania and Michigan.

The count will begin next week and the party has received millions of dollars in donations to help with the process.

President-elect Donald Trump won 1,404,000 votes in Wisconsin, while Hillary Clinton received 1,381,823. Stein secured 31,006.

She has until early next week to file petitions in the other two states.

Trump’s victory surprised many after what was called a Democratic “firewall”, including the three states in question crumbled, helping to deprive Clinton -- who won the popular vote – of the 270 votes needed in the electoral college to win the election.

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