Washington Post: American Marxists join the PYD/YPG

In search of their Marxist utopia, Liz Sly from the Washington Post has reported the story of two American men who joined the terrorist group with reactions around the world condemning the "peaceful" and "legitimate" portrayal of the terrorist group

Washington Post: American Marxists join the PYD/YPG

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On the Web site of the Washington Post newspaper published a Liz Sly article, titled "Two American Marxists, who were wounded in the forefront against DEAS".

According to the article two Americans, Brace Belden (27) and Lucas Chapman (21), who described themselves as communists, explained how they "joined" the PKK / PYD ranks in the north of Syria in order to "experience the ideal of communism."
Belden and Chapman emphasized the "frustration" and "dilemmas" that was rife among the PKK / PYD camps in which they fought side by side with the American army whilst "standing against American capitalism" on the other.
Presenting the PKK / PYD as a legitimate organisation that aimed for "peace"
However the article drew widespread condemnatin primarily because the PKK / PYD, a terrorist organization, presented the group as if it were a "legitimate" and "peaceful" organization fighting  ISIL. In particular in 2016, many Americans went to the north of Syria to participate in the fight with ISIL, and it was stated that this was not contrary to American laws. It also detailed how Belden and Chapman with great anticipation joined the PKK / PYD ranks. 

“It’s fairly boring,” said Chapman, a college graduate from Washington who sold potted plants and flowers in San Francisco before deciding he wanted to witness the practice of his Marxist beliefs. “It’s true what they say about war — that it’s 10 percent action and 90 percent waiting for something to happen.”

Whilst the article noted that the PKK / PYD was presented as "an organization fighting only ISIL in Syria" it failed to mention the pressures and war crimes allegations it inflicted upon other Kurdish groups.

 The fact that the PKK / PYD, which the US admits to supporting "indirectly", is a Marxist organization, has been a topic of debate many times in the US Congress.
In addition, at the March 9th session, South Carolina Senator Republican Lindsey Graham told CENTCOM Commander Gen. Joseph Votel asked whether the US gave too much support to the Marxist / Communist PYD and which would negatively affect relations with other Kurdish groups that did not support the agenda of both Turkey and the PYD "
Previous reactions 

It is known that the US administration, which has not accepted the PKK's ties with the PYD, continues to provide arms and ammunition support, especially to the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDG), which is the main backbone of the PYD within the Rakka operation.
It is wondered where Donald Trump, who took over the presidency on January 20th and gave instructions to prepare a new plan in the fight against ISIL, will cooperate with PYD in the fight against ISIL.

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