White nationalists plot Election Day terror attacks

As the most divisive presidential election in recent memory nears its end, some armed militia groups are preparing for the possibility of a stolen election on Nov. 8 and civil unrest in the days following a victory by Democrat Hillary Clinton.

White nationalists plot Election Day terror attacks

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The Oath Keepers, a prominent anti-government force that sent gun-toting members to the 2014 race riots in Ferguson, Missouri, called on members last week to monitor voting sites on election day for any signs of fraud.

In a blog post on the Oath Keepers website that was emailed to the group’s members on Monday, blogger “Navy Jack” lays out what he sees as the “globalist options” in the wake of the FBI’s announcement that it had found more emails that could be pertinent to its investigation of Hillary Clinton’s use of a private server.

Trump's populist campaign has energized militia members who admire the Donald Trump's promise to deport illegal immigrants, stop Muslims from entering the country and build a wall along the Mexico border. Trump has repeatedly warned that the election may be "rigged," and has said he may not respect the results if he does not win.

Terrorist groups emboldened

Another militia group, an hour south of Atlanta, the Three Percent Security Force have begun taking turns shooting automatic pistols and rifles at a makeshift target range near a campfire. 

The group operates independently, but is affiliated with a national armed movement that calls for members to defend individual rights in the face of what they see as an overreaching federal government. The movement draws its name from the notion that no more than 3 percent of the American population fought in the Revolutionary War against Britain.

Oath Keepers is planning a webinar on Thursday “on how to prepare for possible unrest or terrorism in urban and suburban areas and how to make an emergency plan for your family.”

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