20 opposition activists held in Syria

Authorities are holding in custody 20 opposition activists, a Syrian human rights group said Monday.

20 opposition activists held in Syria
The National Human Rights Organization in Syria said in a statement in Damascus that authorities summoned and detained about 30 members of the "Damascus Declaration" group on Sunday and Monday.

The group had held a conference Dec. 1, the statement said.

Ammar Qurabi, head of the rights group, said 10 of those detained were released shortly after questioning.

Syrian officials could not be reached for comment Monday on the rights group's report.

The NHRO called on authorities to free the detained and "move quickly" on a new law that would "organize political life" in Syria and allow all groups to freely express their opinions.

In 2005, some 500 Syrian and Lebanese intellectuals signed the so-called "Damascus Declaration" that called on the Syrian government to improve ties with neighboring Lebanon, a sensitive issue in Syria.

When President Bashar Assad succeeded his father in July 2000, he released hundreds of political prisoners detained during Hafez Assad's 30-year rule.


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