367 quorum will be reached in presidency election

MHP leader Devlet Bahçeli said they will join the presidency voting, which provides 367 quorum for AK Party candidate.

367 quorum will be reached in presidency election

M.Hasan UNCULAR / Worldbulletin News Center

The key leader of the parliament, MHP ( Nationalist Movement Party) leader Devlet Bahceli said to Aksam Newspaper in Turkey that  the public gave his decision. AKP can choose whoever it wants as president. In the General Council there will be no problem with the enough MP number 367 for the presidency election. We will join the voting, but it is up to us to vote for or against AKP's candidate.

"The election day we will be there" said Bahceli but he did not give the sign of a clear support for AKP's candidate for presidency. He also said that he will not call the Prime Minister for this situation. Pointing out the DTP MPs( the Kurdish- rooted deputies), Bahceli said "If they swear in Turkish in the parliament before taking the duty as MPs, ther will be no problem. But if they do not swear in Turkish, we have nationalist sensitivities. And in the 3rd act our constitution the official language of Turkey is ponited as Turkish."

Güncelleme Tarihi: 27 Temmuz 2007, 00:55