60th gov't program to be read today

The government's program has been prepared with special emphasis on economy and democracy as priority areas.

60th gov't program to be read today
The government's program has been prepared with special emphasis on economy and democracy as priority areas.

The ruling Justice and Development Party (AK Party), which prepared its first program under the title of Emergency Action Plan in the first term of its government, is planning to reinforce the practices introduced over the last four-and-a-half years.

The greatest target for the 60th government will be the drafting of a civilian constitution.

In terms of democracy and rule of law, the spirit of the government's programs is full compliance with the European Union's Copenhagen political criteria.

Not content with the constitutional guarantees afforded to fundamental rights and freedoms, the AK Party pledges to exert efforts to ensure that everybody can fully exercise fundamental rights and freedoms.

Continuing its devotion to the principle of showing zero tolerance to torture, disappearance, death under detention and murder by unknown assailants, the AK Party government is planning to set in place the understanding of a state based on human rights.

Deputy Prime Minister Cemil Çiçek said: "We are not a new government. Our performance as the 59th government is well known. Now we will work to reinforce and improve our previous practices. The headings in our election manifesto form the main lines in our government's program. Our priority will be democracy and economy. Moreover, we will give special emphasis on environment and water issues."

"The government program is primarily defined by our election manifesto. Our target is to extend the fundamental rights and freedoms for all citizens and increase the welfare level of the society. The government program will focus on these two areas," AK Party Ankara deputy Salih Kapusuz said.

The targets of the 60th government Democracy and law: The law on foundations, which allows the returning of the previously confiscated property of foundations established by minorities, will be passed.

The bill on rallies and demonstrations will be amended in line with the rulings by the European Court of Human Rights.

The government maintains that the Constitutional Court's controversial ruling on the 367 quorum has politicized the judiciary and is planning to make comprehensive judicial reform to prevent the higher judicial organs conducting conformity rather than judicial review.

The problems related to the implementation of the Turkish Penal Code (TCK), the Code of Criminal Procedure (CMK), the Law on Misdemeanors, the Law on Enforcement of Penal and Security Measures and the Law on Supervised Freedom will be eliminated.

Preventive legal measures, designed to preemptively eliminate disputes before they emerge, will be introduced.

The workload of judicial organs will be reduced by finding alternative solutions in legal disputes.

Legal arrangements will be made for the solution of the disagreements citizens may have with respect to public organizations through arbitration and without resorting to litigation.

Defendants will be prevented from unnecessarily causing delays in litigation. Courses on citizenship and basic law will be introduced in schools to raise children's awareness of the issues.

The Political Parties Law will be amended to make the bank accounts of political parties and expenditures by candidates more transparent and subject to inspection.

Moreover, the bill on political ethics and property acquisition will be re-discussed.

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