9 ex-Kosovo fighters arrested in Serbia

Serbia arrested 9 ex-Kosovo fighters, all members of the Kosovo Liberation Army.

9 ex-Kosovo fighters arrested in Serbia

Nine former Kosovo fighters was arrested in Serbia, which accused them of " involvement in killings and abductions in Kosovo in 1999", the office of the war crimes prosecutor said.

"From June 1999 until October 1999, they were involved in at least 51 murders and 159 abductions in the town of Gnjilane in Kosovo," said Bruno Vekaric, a spokesman for Serbia's war crimes prosecutor Vladimir Vukcevic.

"They were all members of the Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA)," he said.

The KLA waged independence war against Serb forces in 1998-99.

Serbia's brutal response, expelling hundreds of thousands of ethnic Albanian civilians, drew NATO into an 11-week bombing campaign to drive Serb forces out of Kosovo.

The nine were arrested in the southern Serbian town of Presevo, near the border with Kosovo. The region was the site of an ethnic Albanian insurgency in 2001.

"We have planned the action in the past four months," Vekaric said, adding that some of those arrested did not live in Serbia but came to spend New Year holidays with relatives.


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timotimekvej - 10 yıl Before

Finally thruth comes out and no one can stop that.
These war criminals will face justice and this trial in Belgrade will show real nature of so-called kla.
This is good and for albanians too, cause they will be able to realise and admit things that were done in their name.
PKK is not terrorist organisation, unlike kla terrorists, they ask for basic human rights to be respected by turkis authoroties.
Turks are memeber of NATO so for that reason no one is doing anything to help Kurds