Abbas' Order Entails Persistence of Security Mess in Palestine

Spokesman of Hamas in Gaza Strip Sami Abu Zuhri affirmed Friday that the decree issued by the PA chief, Mahmoud Abbas, revoking the decision of Sa'eed Siyam, the PA interior minister, forming a special force to back up the PA police means that the state o

Abbas' Order Entails Persistence of Security Mess in Palestine

Abu Zuhri stressed that the minister's decision was aimed at amending the prevailing security situation, and dealing with the security mess phenomenon that had been existing in the Palestinian street for almost a year now.

He considered any attempt to derail the formation of such a force as "a deliberate step to strip the PA government of its authority and ability to end the security chaos.

Earlier, Siyam declared before tens of Palestinian clan leaders and dignitaries that his ministry plans forming a special back up group from various armed wings of the Palestinian resistance factions to assist the PA police in disciplining the unruly condition in the PA lands. The plan gained the blessing of the audience.

Siyam's decision irked Abbas who promptly issued an order revoking the minister's decisions forming the back up group and appointing Jamal Abu Samahdaneh, general-commander of the Popular Resistance Committees, as the ministry's general supervisor.

Secretary of the PA presidency Tayyeb Abdul Rahim, for his part, affirmed before journalists in Ramallah city that Abbas sent the decree to Ismail Haneyya, the PA premier, informing him that Siyam's decision violated the PA bylaw.

Such allegations were swiftly refuted by the PA government's spokesman, Dr. Ghazi Hamad, who asserted that Siyam's decision did not constitute any legal or constitutional violation, and that it was made in accordance with law following profound consultations with Palestinian legal experts. He added that the previous PA government had formed the so-called popular army in the aftermath of the IOF pullout of Gaza Strip in order to back up PA security apparatuses in protecting the liberated lands, and none had revoked the decision or considered it against the law.

Hamad underlined in a press conference in the Ramattan news agency in Gaza city that the PA bylaw authorizes the PA interior minister to take any step he believes necessary to boost security and safety of the Palestinian people.

He further said that the position of general supervisor in the ministry existed in the previous PA governments; and thus Siyam didn't introduce something new.

For his part, Khaled Abu Hilal, the spokesman of the PA interior ministry, warned any Palestinian party against exploiting the present political rivalry in the Palestinian arena to sow divisiveness amongst the Palestinian people, or assault public and private property, adding that the ministry backed by all honest Palestinian forces and the people will thwart any attempt in this regard.

Tens of armed Fatah elements gathered in midtown Gaza in protest over statements made by Khaled Mishaal, chief of Hamas' political bureau, in Damascus where he rejected Abbas' reversal of Siyam's decision, and scathingly condemned it.

Meanwhile, Ze'ev Boim, Israeli deputy war minister, stated that the IOF will sooner or later target Abu Samahdaneh, saying, "He (Abu Samhadaneh) doesn't enjoy immunity, and we will target him being one of the most wanted by Israel for killing scores of Israelis".

The IOF had so far killed more than 4,000 Palestinians from all age categories during the past five years, and wounded tens of thousands others during the same period.

The IOF tanks and artillery have been pounding the Gaza Strip with thousands of shells since the start of this month. The IOF bombardment killed tens of Palestinian children and wounded scores others.

Source: The Palestinian Information Center

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