Abdullah Gül got 341 votes

Turkish Parliament voting for the presidency is over: Gül got 341 votes.

Abdullah Gül got 341 votes

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The first round of the election for the 11th president of the Turkish Republic will be held today.Parliament Speaker Köksal Toptan approved that a quorum of 367 deputies is present in Parliament.

Parliament Speaker Köksal Toptan made the opening speech.

"Three candidates named for the presidency election and the voting is going to start" Parliament Speaker Köksal Toptan says.

Toptan started the voting from Adana by saying " May it be fair." The names of each deputies from the cities according to the alphabetical order started to be read.

At 16:01 Tayyip Erdogan voted.

At 16:28 voting is completed and the votes are being counted.

Abdullah Gül: 341

Sebahattin Çakmakoğlu: 70

Tayfun İçli: 13

Empty: 23

Invalid: 1

Total: 448

Second round for presidency voting will be on Friday.


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