Abdullah Gul's unknown sides / exclusive

The day he was born is a very important turning point. On May 14, 1950, the solo party mentality was buried into the election box, democracy carried the public will to the administration.

Abdullah Gul's unknown sides / exclusive


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Abdullah Gul was born in Kayseri on 29 October 1950. His father is Ahmet Hamdi Gul; mother is Adeviye Gul. The elders of the family were loved by the people around, known as a conservative family carrying the national traditions and related with the country issues. The important property of the family is the great value they gave to science.

The day he was born is a very important turning point. On May 14, 1950, the solo party mentality was buried into the election box, democracy carried the public will to the administration. From that date till today 38 governments, two constitutions,two memorandums and a few interim regimes the nation saw.



Mr. Gul started his primary school education in Kayseri Gazi Pasa Primary school, finished the secondary school in Nazmi Toker Secondary school and lycee in Kayseri Lycee. Those years were the political years for the schools. Gul took part in the policy starting from the early age.

He got his early education from his mother and father before the school that would shape the base of his future political life. His father was Ahmet Hamdi Bey known with his religious personality and was highly respected by the other people. Ahmet Hamdi Bey, retired from Kayseri Airplane Factory is still working at his workshop in Kayseri Organized Industrial Zone with his son, Macit Gül.

Abdullah Gül's father was a MP candidate from MSP ( National Salvation Party) in 1973 elections but could not be elected then. But years after his son is elected for MP of Kayseri.


Gül's early relationship with the politcs starts with the "Independents Movement". In 1975 elections, today's SP ( Felicity Party) leader Recai Kutan becomes a MP candidate from MSP (National Salvation Party). For his election campaign he forms a young and energetic staff.

This staff includes Abdullah Gül, Şükrü Karatepe, İrfan Gündüz, Bekir Yıldız and Adem Baştürt who will all be elected as majors and MPs.

Gul is an open-worded person and hides his characteristics. Two people effected the formation of his ideology a lot: Necip Fazıl Kısakürek and Prof. Dr. Necmettin Erbakan with whom he walked together in the same way for years.

Different people unaware of each other are describing Abdullah Gul in the same frame with these siliar words: Sincere, self-confident,believes in friendship, open-worded,no burden to anyone,trustworthy to the ones even he does not share the same opinions with him,smiling, calm, loyal, decideful,careful man of science and state

In his early age he both knew the west and the east. The political language that he uses is open to solutions and is effected by his being a university tutor of social sciences. A politican who analyses the wealth and chances of Turkey first with the scientist look and then the state person.

In the political portrait depicting Gul, it is pointed out that he is a politician surrounding the people within the party. He can act as a bridge between his party and the other groups. A politician who can use the great power of the political group he represents and his high dynamism. A well educated intellectual protecting his values. Even his rivals in the discussions say " If Abdullah Gul says this, he tells the truth."
As he did not give concession from his beliefs he gained the trust of his friends and the respect of his rivals.

In his young age he meets the ideological movements. Great East Thinking Club and National Turkish Students' Association are the two important places that he spent his time.


In 1968 he attended the University of Istanbul, Faculty of Economy. Those days were the times for the political tension and leftist-rightist polarization and the university attacks. Most of the political actors of the country took part in the students' movements those days.


Gul continued his political life in the National Turkish Students' Association. During his university years thinkers as Necip Fazıl, Nurettin Topcu, Sezai Karakoc, Cemil Meric and Idris Kucukomer effected him a lot.Gul and his friends' photos were hanged by the leftist groups to ban them from the university.


Pioneering the Students' Association those days after 1971 gave him a lot of benefits. In 1969 a new movement in the leadership of Prof Necmettin Erbakan brought a new wave of excitment in the Turkish politcal life that aimed to protect the national development and protection of the national and religious values. Erkaban and his friends became independent candidates in 1969 elections. Erbakan from Konya, Süleyman Karagülle from Aydın, Ömer Faruk Yeğin from Istanbul, meanwhile Abdullah Gul was a lycee student.


When Gul was a student at the university, he was a member of the central executive counsil of the National Turkish Students' Association. Thosands of youngs were taken to Canakkale for the anniversary of the Canakkale war and it was organized by Gul and it was the first time that he made a political speech.


The man of thinking that he followed during his university years: Sezai Karakoç, Cemil Meriç, Erol Güngör, İdris Küçükömer, Fethi Gemuhluoğlu.

He was persuaded for the academical carrier after he graduated from the university by the university professors as Prof. Dr. Nevzat Yalçıntaş, Prof. Sebahattin Zaim. He already thought the same things that his teachers advised him to do.

After graduating from the University of Istanbul, Mr. Gul started his doctorate studies in the same faculty. Between 1976-1978 with the scholarship he got from the National Culture Foundation, he was sent to London with Fehmi Koru and Şükrü Karatepe and studied in Exeter. He founded FOSIS, under the roof of the union of the Muslim students, Turkish Students' Aid Association.

He got great experiences about both the western and the Muslim cultures in his years in England.

After coming back to Turkey Gul started to work at the Sakarya University, Faculty of Industrial Engineering that was founded by his teacher Sebahattin Zaim.
His doctorate thesis: The Development Of The Economical Relations Between Turkey And The Islamic Countries

By the way the coup of 12 September happened and Gul was taken into prison a few days after he married Hayrunnisa Gul.

In the context of "Sancak Movement" Gul was taken to the Istanbul Metris Military Prison.

After 1983 Gul started working in Jeddah for the Islamic Development Bank as the economy expert.

His MP Period

After he came to Turkey for his son's circumcision in 1991, he was offered to be a candidate of deputy fort he early election declared then. After the insists of his close friends Saban Bayrak, Tayyip Erdogan, Azmi Ates he attended the elections and became a deputy of RP ( the virtue party).

He worked a lot against the massacres in Bosnia, Checenya, Algeria. In 1991, elected as a Member of the Parliament from the Welfare Party. Became member of the Planning and Budgetary Commission in the Parliament.
In 1993, appointed as the Deputy Chairman of the Welfare Party in charge of Foreign Affairs.

Reelected in 1995 as a member of Parliament. Became member of the Foreign Affairs Commission. From 1996 to 1997, served as a Minister of State and Government Spokesman. In 1999, elected from the Virtue Party, for the third term, as a Member of Parliament.

From 1992 to 2001 served as the Member of Parliamentary Assembly of the Council Europe. Served as the member of Committee on Culture and Education and Political Committee of the Council of Europe Parliamentary Assembly.


In 2001 awarded with Pro-merito Medal of the Council of Europe and became Honoury Associate of Council of Europe Parliamentary Assembly.
In August 2001, became the Founding Board Member of the Justice and Development Party (AK Party).

Reelected in November 2002 as a member of Parliament.
In November 2002, charged as the Prime Minister to found 58th Cabinet.
In March 2003, appointed Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs. His candidacy for presidency started an injustice dispute on the secularism and the Islamic tradition.

Mr Gul both knowing the western culture and the national virtues is married with three children. Ahmet Munir, Kubra and Mehmet Emre...



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