'Afghanistan not asking for troops from Turkey'

Afghanistan Foreign Minister Rangin Dadfar Spanta said on Thursday that Afghanistan did not ask for troops from Turkey, "Our army needs training and equipment support."

'Afghanistan not asking for troops from Turkey'
Delivering a keynote speech at Bogazici University in Istanbul, Spanta said relations between Turkey and Afghanistan were rooted in history, indicating that "Turkish soldiers are contributing to endeavors of Afghanistan on the way to independence and modernization."

Spanta said, "we have 60,000 troops. However, our army is not sufficient to deal with terrorism. We aim to strengthen our security forces, protect civilians and carry out construction process of Afghanistan. Terrorism is a social problem. We should primarily ensure a future to people."

Speaking about his talks in Ankara, Spanta said, "we got assurances that Turkish troops would stay in Afghanistan. We had talks on development and training."

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