Ahmedabad body to be Turkey's trade partner in India

The Ahmedabad Management Association (AMA) is set to become a trade partner of DEiK, Turkey's foreign economic relations board in India.

Ahmedabad body to be Turkey's trade partner in India
Turkey expressed its willingness to enter into a partnership agreement with the AMA this month when a 20-member association delegation visited that country, IANS reported.

The delegation held discussions with the DEiK in which Cefi J. Kamhi, a former member of the Turkish parliament, was present. He also chaired the Turkish Indian Business Council.

Sources close to the delegation said the DEiK would soon send the draft of a memorandum of understanding (MoU), which on AMA's approval would formalise the agreement.

The association is equipping itself with a state-of-the-art video conferencing system that will enable businessmen from Turkey to interact with businessmen in India. This would make it a "clearing house of information, not only in trade and commerce but even in areas like tourism".

AMA set up a centre, American Corner, which provides information related to the US. Turkey and Qatar are also interested in setting up such centres.

The association would be the DEiK partner in India on the lines of the existing American Corner. There will be an exchange of information on trade, e-commerce and tourism sector.

This would also help both the countries to scan new employment opportunities.

In the case of Qatar, a possibility has emerged for a student exchange programme. The AMA delegation had visited Qatar after wrapping up its Turkey trip.

Qatar has world-class colleges in association with reputed US business schools like the Kellogg School of Management.

Students from India can study in these business schools and upon graduation will get certificates from the American Universities. The possibility of organising student exchange programmes will be explored.

The classes can be conducted through the video conferencing system that is being installed in the AMA. The videoconference facilities could also be accessed by businesses in Qatar or anywhere in India.

Thus, the association could emerge as a medium of exchange of information between Qatar and Indian business sector through this system.

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