Airline says 1.5 million paid for crash compensation

Brazilian airline TAM announced Saturday that it had so far paid out indemnities of nearly 1.5 million dollars to families of victims in Brazil's deadliest air crash, which killed 199 persons.

Airline says 1.5 million paid for crash compensation
On July 18, all 186 people aboard the ill-fated TAM flight 3054 died in a fiery crash in Sao Paulo. Thirteen people on the ground also were killed.

Ninety-nine victim relatives were indemnified, at 30,000 reales per victim, for a total of nearly three million reales, the company said in a statement.

The airline also defrayed food and lodging expenses for families who traveled to the Sao Paulo airport in the days after th crash of flight 3054, as well as psychological treatment and funeral costs.

The Airbus 320 careened off the notoriously short runway upon landing at Sao Paulo's Cagonhas airport, skidded across a crowded avenue and slammed into a warehouse where it burst into flames.

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