AK Party says no back steps in Venetian criteria

The Justice and Development (AK) Party says they will not step back, "The constitutional law package will pass in order not to close a party; otherwise, we may hold a referendum."

AK Party says no back steps in Venetian criteria
These words were uttered by Merdan Aslan, the former deputy of the Labor Party.

Aslan said: "we have spoken to the chief of the supreme court of appeals and members of the constitutional court. They do not make concessions on the issue of the republic. You need to form mass support and public support. They are really sure about that."

Non-governmental organizations call everyone to take one step back; but the AK Party is determined not to take any back steps about the issue of constitutional law amendment.

The AK Party will submit the mini package of the constitutional change to the national assembly by the next week.

The party aims to end the issue of closing down parties with the Venetian criteria.

According to the Venetian criteria adopted by European Human Rights Contract, a political party may only be closed down if they provoke racism, terrorism, foreigner animosity, violence and violence calls.

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