Ambulance plane to bring wounded Palestinians to Turkey for treatment

The spokesman for the Turkish government said on Monday that an ambulance plane would be sent to Gaza in order to bring to Turkey the Palestinians who were injured during the Israeli attacks that hit the region.

Ambulance plane to bring wounded Palestinians to Turkey for treatment

Speaking after the Council of Ministers meeting held in capital Ankara, Turkish State Minister and Government Spokesman Cemil Cicek said that Turkey exerted efforts for the termination of the ongoing conflict between Israel and Palestine, as well as for the orderly delivery of the humanitarian aid to the region.

Cicek said Turkish officials held talks with all the parties for the immediate declaration of a cease-fire in order to provide a permanent peace in the region.

Noting that more than 3,000 people were wounded during the Israeli attacks, Cicek said the injured Palestinians would be brought to Turkey for further treatment.

"An ambulance plane was arranged in order to bring the wounded Palestinians to Turkey. It should have departed by now. If possible, those people will be brought to Turkey and they will receive treatment here," Cicek said.

Touching on Turkey's relations with the European Union (EU), Cicek said that comments alleging that the reform process in Turkey has slowed down and that the Turkish government was not giving high attention to its relations with the EU were not healthy evaluations.

There is an issue that the EU has not made clear, Cicek said.

The EU has not fulfilled its obligations regarding 10 chapters and has not informed Turkey about the results of its screenings related to these chapters, Cicek also said.

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