American Jewish immigration to Israel grows

Last year, a record number of American Jews immigrated to Israel, according to the Jewish Agency for Israel, a worldwide organization dedicated to promoting the 'right of return,' or Aliyah.

American Jewish immigration to Israel grows

The number of Jews who immigrated to Israel from North America in 2006 was reportedly 320,000, the highest number since 1983.

Michale Jankelowitz, spokesman for the Jewish Agency, noted that the number was beyond their expectations.

Boaz Herman, responsible for Aliyah affairs at the Jewish Agency, said their primary goal was to raise awareness about Aliyah in the American Jewish community

He added that they were working to make Aliyah a path that would attract more American Jews.

"Life is not just about money. The United States is a terrific country, but we are Jewish first," said Simcha Gluck, a New Yorker Jew who has just immigrated to Israel.

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