Bahrain king urges Muslim word to turn to actions on Gaza

The king of Bahrain proposed on Thursday a summit of Islamic countries to press for an end to Israeli attacks on Gaza after calls for a meeting of Arab leaders failed to bring them together.

Bahrain king urges Muslim word to turn to actions on Gaza

"Let the feelings and words turn to actions for peace," the official Bahrain News Agency quoted King Hamad bin Isa al-Khalifa as saying at a cabinet meeting of the U.S. ally.

"We have stated that we approve of holding an Arab summit since the beginning and we are still waiting for invitations to take part, but if an Arab summit proved unattainable why cannot there be an Islamic summit?"

Qatar and Syria have called for a summit of Arab states to discuss Israeli bombardments on Gaza shortly after Israel began its offensive against Gaza.

But Arab governments in a meeting on Dec. 31 decided to take their case for an end to Israel's attacks on Gaza to the United Nations Security Council and have been pressing for a binding resolution to force Israel to end its offensive.

Israel's attack on Gaza has deepened the divide in the Arab world between people and authoritarian governments seen as siding with Israel and the United States.

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