Balloons found but no sign of missing priest / VIDEO

A cluster of balloons were found floating in the ocean - but with no sign of the missing priest who was strapped to them for a charity flight.

Balloons found but no sign of missing priest / VIDEO
They were found off Florianopolis, southern Brazil, near where Rev Adelir Antonio de Carli was last heard of on Sunday night.

The churchman, 41, an experienced skydiver, had undergone survival training and took five days of supplies - leading rescuers to remain confident he will be found safe.

Fire chief Johnny Coelho said last night "Given his physical condition and the equipment he was carrying, I would say there is an 80 per cent chance he's alive." Mr Coelho believes he may have washed up onshore.

Rev de Carli was harnessed to 1,000 heliumfilled balloons as he took off from Paranagua, Brazil, on Sunday hoping to beat a 19-hour flight record.

He had flown 55 miles when contact with him was lost eight hours later.

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