Big Ben bell in London takes time out for repairs

The familiar bongs of London's renowned Big Ben will be silenced over the next month for maintenance work, although the clock that stands above Britain's Houses of Parliament will continue to tell the time.

Big Ben bell in London takes time out for repairs
It will be the first time that both the bell's hourly and quarter-hourly strikes will be suspended since 1956, the House of Commons said in a statement on Wednesday.

The bongs, which ring out every quarter of an hour from the bell at the Palace of Westminster, as parliament is known, will stop at 8 a.m. on Saturday and will not resume for four to six weeks.

Bearings that form part of the bell's operating mechanism will be replaced, probably for the first time since the bell first rang out in 1959, the statement said.

Crowds of tourists flock daily to see the Palace of Westminster on the banks of the River Thames and to hear the chimes of Big Ben, as the bell is known, although its real name is The Great Bell.

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