Blair makes £1m a month from private speeches

Tony Blair is making up to £1m a month from public speaking as offers continue to flood in for the former prime minister.

Blair makes £1m a month from private speeches
Blair is delivering up to five speeches a month, with a typical fee of between £100,000 and £200,000.

He will embark on his most lucrative speaking tour in January when he is likely to make as much as £500,000 in America and Canada for three speeches in four days.
He is also working unpaid as a Middle East peace envoy.

On January 14 he will address 5,000 people at the Gibson Amphitheatre, a rock music venue in Universal City, near Los Angeles, for the American Jewish University.

The most expensive ticket, at £1,200 includes the chance to join Blair and other speakers at a cocktail reception and dinner. They will also have the chance to have their picture taken with him.

The next day he will speak at the Californian millionaires' resort of Indian Wells.

Tim Parrott, the executive director of the Desert Town Hall lecture series, said that Blair currently has greater pulling power than Clinton who earned £15m for speeches in the four years after he left the White House.

He said: "There is great interest in how he managed to get along so well with two presidents, one liberal and one conservative.

"His Middle East peace role will ensure he remains in demand for years to come."

On January 17 Blair will address 2,000 people at the Westin Harbour Castle, overlooking Lake Ontario, in Toronto.

One sponsor said: "Blair has been at the centre of the world's most important geopolitical events for 10 years. People here want to know what he has to say about his role as a Middle East peace envoy."

Last month it was reported that Blair received up to £240,000 for one 20-minute speech in China - meanwhile Cherie Blair charges around £15,000 a speech.

If he manages to maintain his high profile, the Blairs should easily be able to service and pay off the mortgages of almost £4m on their properties.

His headquarters for his job as Middle East peace envoy is the American Colony, a luxurious hotel near Jerusalem's Old City.

And he is operating at a relentless pace. He wakes every morning at 6am and starts his meetings just an hour later. He doesn't stop working until after midnight.


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