Bombs at bus station lead to Ergenekon gang

It has been detected that the five bombs found at Istanbul bus station belong to Ergenekon organization. According to the claims, the organization wants to get rid of the explosives for fear of getting seized

Bombs at bus station lead to Ergenekon gang
Sabah reported, the five hand bombs found in the bag at Esenler bus station were addressed to the same place: "Ergenekon gang Organization."

The police have finished the primary investigation on the five hand bombs seized at Esenler bus station the day before yesterday.

It is stated that these bombs have a striking resemblance to the ones used by Ergenekon gang organization.

Istanbul anti-terrorism teams seized five hand bombs at Esenler bus station. The connection between the explosives and Ergenekon gang organization has become definite.

The police found out that the hand bombs are similar to the ones found at a house of Ergenekon gang in Ümraniye.

The police have got the information about the bombs before the transfer started from Malatya seven days ago.

The police followed the track of the hand bombs and the bag until it reached Esenler bus station. Then they continued tracking the bombs in order to find the addressee of the bombs.

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