Bosnia's Football Association sacks alls its international coaches

Bosnia coach Fuad Muzurovic has been dismissed by the country's football association (NFSBiH) along with the coaches of all its other representatives sides after a poor finish to the Euro 2008 qualifiers.

Bosnia's Football Association sacks alls its international coaches

The house clean up late on Monday was intended to end the boycott of international call-ups by several of Bosnia's foreign-based players and create conditions for a better performance from the national team, the FA said in a statement.

"All players are invited to accept calls by coaches, who will alone be in charge of call-ups, and we expect support by fans, media and public in creating a positive climate," the statement said.

The sackings prompted the resignation of sport director Ahmet Pasalic, who said he quit for "highly moral reasons".

At least eight foreign-based players boycotted matches this year calling for the resignation of the heads of the NFSBiH, who they claimed were elected or appointed because of ethnic affiliation and not professional qualifications.

The NFSBiH is run on ethnic lines that reflect the delicate balance between the Balkan country's two regions, the Serb Republic and the Muslim-Croat Federation, created after the 1992-95 war.

The players had said they did not have a problem with Muzurovic, who took the job last December.

It was Muzurovic's second stint as national coach, having been in charge from 1995-97 and he supervised initial wins against Norway, Turkey and Malta but Bosnia lost their last five Euro 2008 qualifiers.

The FA presidency is expected to nominate new coaches by the end of the month.

The public image of NFSBiH has been hurt by allegations of involvement in illegal activities and corruption.

On Tuesday, the state prosecution said it has indicted FA secretary general Munib Usanovic and finance and marketing secretary Miodrag Kures over tax evasion and abuse of office in 2002-2006.


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