Bush says he is encouraged by Iraq and Afghanistan

US President George W. Bush said Saturday the situation in Iraq and Afghanistan was developing favorably, despite existing difficulties.

Bush says he is encouraged by Iraq and Afghanistan
"And this month, weve had some encouraging news from both Afghanistan and Iraq," Bush said in his weekly radio address from Kennebunkport, Maine, where he is spending the weekend.

He said US strategy "is delivering good results, and our commanders recently reported more good news."

The president, who held talks Monday with his Afghan counterpart Hamid Karzai, argued that in Afghanistan "the Taliban fighters can still launch attacks on the innocent, but they cannot stop the march of democracy."

Speaking about Iraq, Bush cited among the good news there the death of Haitham Al-Badri, a mastermind of attacks against a mosque in Samarra that have triggered new outbursts of sectarian violence.

According to Bush, Badri "is just one of the many Al-Qaeda leaders and other extremists who are coming under a withering assault across Iraq."

He insisted that today Al-Qaeda had largely been driven out of Ramadi and other cities, and "markets and schools are reopening, and normal life is returning."

"The enemy in Iraq is still dangerous, and the surge is still in its early stages," the president stated. "Changing conditions on the ground is difficult work. But our troops are proving that it can be done."

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