Cairo Accuses Dahlan for Abduction

Cairo holds Dahlan and his "boys" responsible for abduction of diplomat.The Egyptian authorities have recently summoned Mohammed Dahlan, former PA minister of civil affairs and current MP, to Cairo and charged him and his "boys" with responsibility for th

Cairo Accuses Dahlan for Abduction

The website 'Ikhwan online' quoted unidentified "reliable" sources as saying that Egyptian intelligence chief Omar Suleiman chided Dahlan and his close associates Hassan Asfour, former MP, and Samir Mashharawi, Fatah recruitment office member, for the two incidents and warned them of repeating them in future.

Suleiman threatened Dahlan that Egypt would not allow him to play this game again and if it recurs then serious repercussion would befall him (Dahlan) and his "boys", according to the sources.

They noted that Dahlan tried to extricate himself from responsibility over both incidents, retorting that his political opponents were behind those acts.

However, Suleiman said, "We have certified information that you and your boys are behind those incidents and that you incited certain groups to do that. This game would not deceive Egypt".

Dahlan was summoned only few days after a visit to Egypt by Mohammed Nazzal, political bureau member of Hamas Movement, during which he met a number of Egyptian officials. The discussions mainly tackled practices on the part of some Fatah officials aimed at hampering and smearing Hamas.

Source: The Palestinian Information Center

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