'Case bring burden that can not be carried'

'Case against AK Parti will harm Turkish economy,' said Finance Minister Kemal Unakitan.

'Case bring burden that can not be carried'

Turkish Finance Minister Kemal Unakitan said Saturday the case filed to shut down the ruling Justice & Development (AK) Party would harm Turkish economy and bring burdens on the country.

"More than that, it would bring burdens that can not be carried," Unakitan told reporters in Istanbul.

He said economy should be on the top of Turkey's agenda amid a global crisis.

"Political turbulences could have negative effects on Turkish economy. And Turkish people will have to carry that burden," he said. "We have to be very careful. We are all responsible to strengthen our economy. We are all on the same boat."

Upon a question on his expectations about the opening of markets on Monday, Unakitan said, "it is early to say something. But usually such things harm economy. These kind of moves are not good."


Güncelleme Tarihi: 16 Mart 2008, 10:55