China Airlines offers payment to fire survivors

China Airlines on Tuesday offered 100 US dollars and an apology to the Taiwanese tourists who barely escaped a blaze on a flight by the carrier to Japan.

China Airlines offers payment to fire survivors
The Boeing 737-800 burst into flames Monday at the airport in the southern island of Okinawa. All 165 passengers, mostly Taiwanese, and crew raced out and escaped the engulfing flames and plumes of black smoke.

China Airlines Chief Executive Officer Chao Kuo-shuai flew to Okinawa and handed a red envelope with 100 US dollars inside to each of the Taiwanese tourists on the flight.

"I apologise from the bottom of my heart," Chao told the Taiwanese on a tour bus in Okinawa.

"I feel ashamed for causing so much trouble," Chao said as he handed out the money, according to footage on Japanese public broadcaster NHK.

One of the Taiwanese tourists said: "I feel for their efforts, but I can't be satisfied as my luggage and all my other things were burnt up."

A China Airlines spokeswoman in Tokyo said the firm was separately considering compensation to the tourists for damage to luggage and other belongings on the aircraft.

Eighteen Japanese were on the flight, which included 157 passengers, two pilots and six other crew members, according to Japan's transport ministry.

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