China bans television shows about cosmetic surgery, sex changes

The Chinese government on Friday said it has banned TV shows about cosmetic surgery and sex changes, after recently shutting down a talent show it called coarse.

China bans television shows about cosmetic surgery, sex changes
A headline on the website of the State Administration of Radio, Film and Television said it had banned "shows about cosmetic surgery, sex changes that involve public participation." The full order could not be downloaded.

The Beijing News newspaper reported Friday that the order singled out southern Guangdong province's public broadcaster's show, called "A New Date with Beauty" in Chinese and "shows involving sex changes."

The order said these programs show "bloody imagery," calling them "explicit, cheap in tone," according to Beijing News.

The newspaper said "A New Date with Beauty" shows cosmetic surgical procedures live.

The number for the Guangdong public broadcaster wasn't listed, but Beijing News quoted the station's operations chief He Yi as calling the government order "understandable" and saying that the broadcaster would follow its instructions.

China has tightened controls on TV programs lately. Earlier this month, state media reported SARFT banned Chongqing Broadcasting Group's talent show, called "The First Time I Was Touched."

That ban was reportedly motivated by what SARFT apparently saw as a trivial episode in which a contestant stages a bizarre gift-giving stunt, obtaining a ring from one judge and giving it to another, then calling the second judge "very stupid."

SARFT was quoted as calling "The First Time I Was Touched," coarse and lacking in artistic standards.

The tighter media controls also come before the 17th Chinese Communist Party Congress, which is expected to set the agenda for the party and country for the next five years and produce some leadership changes.

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