Cordoba forbids Islamic worship at cathedral

The Catholic Church rejected the demand of Muslims to worship a church that was previously Cordoba Mosque until the 16th century.

Cordoba forbids Islamic worship at cathedral

The leader of the Muslim community of Spain, Mansur Escudero, has written a letter to Pope Benedict XVI demanding they be allowed to conduct formal prayer services at the Catholic church in Cordoba.

Bishop Juan José Asencio of Cordoba rejected the demand saying that such a move "would not contribute to peaceful coexistence between the different creeds" and that it would "merely generate confusion among the faithful."

The church was demolished in 786 by Abd al-Rahman I, who used much of the church's materials in constructing a new mosque.

In 1523, it was decided by the Catholic Church to erect a cathedral inside the center of the Cordoba mosque complex.

Muslims are now only able to visit the cathedral as a tourist while Catholics pray in the cathedral.

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